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Our Team

Stefani Longshamp

As the CEO of the company, Hamad is responsible for all creative decisions and quality control. He has a great passion for photography, making him a skilled in-house photographer and quality control assessor. Hamad's creative and business arena expertise allows him to provide and approve budgets and oversee quality control processes. His experience as a business consultant in both the US and London, coupled with his background in a business family, has helped him develop exceptional business acumen. He makes executive decisions, approves budgets, and ensures that all aspects of the production process meet high standards of quality control.


Dan is a highly involved executive producer who assumes responsibility for every aspect of the company. He wears multiple hats as the director of most shoots, conceptualizing and executing each project through scriptwriting and storyboarding. Dan collaborates closely with Akash to hire the required personnel, budget, and manage client relationships. In addition to his executive duties, Dan is also the primary cinematographer in-house. He oversees post-production editing, sound design, and audio engineering, ensuring that the final deliverables meet the client's expectations. With a focus on delivering exceptional results, he maintains an open line of communication with clients throughout the production process. Dan's multifaceted roles and exceptional attention to detail make him an indispensable member of the team, as he is the go-to person for everything. 

Max Reinert

Akash Naik, a Bahrain-based individual of Indian origin, has a remarkable skill set in video editing. However, his role as Production Manager encompasses much more than just editing. He oversees various aspects of cinematography, such as the necessary equipment and gear, budgeting, and timeline for each shoot. Akash plays a pivotal role in every stage of a project, from its inception to execution and completion.  With his unwavering dedication and reliability, he is one of the most valuable team members, working tirelessly to ensure that products are produced effectively and efficiently.


Praison is a talented audio engineer in our team with a strong passion for film. With his extensive music production and audio knowledge, he works as an in-house music composer and production assistant. Praison provides support during filming and editing while also handling essential audio-related tasks such as audio mixing, recording, sound engineering, and music composition. In addition to being an audio engineer, Praison is a skilled multi-instrumentalist, proficient in playing various musical instruments, including the drums, guitar, and piano. Praison's versatility as a musician allows him to create unique soundscapes and compositions that complement the visual elements of our projects.

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