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Who doesn’t love yummy, delicious food?

Who doesn’t love yummy, delicious food? No one is the right answer! Our next guest is someone who absolutely loves food-Aysha, a YouTuber, and a food vlogger @thefoodaholic_bahrain, ‘the food hunter’, a name given to her by her followers. Her love for food is visible on her Instagram page, with more images and videos of savouries and desserts than her family. Wife, and mother to two adorable daughters, it's a wonder how Aysha manages her time but as both she and her husband are foodies, trying out new food daily makes every day interesting.

Being a food vlogger is her passion and she’s friendly with her contemporaries. One of the biggest reasons for that is that Bahrain is an island, and people belong to a community. She finds it beautiful how everyone is friends in Bahrain, and how there’s no time for jealousy and pettiness. For example, our guest expressed her adoration and admiration for one of our previous guests Dona. She even admitted that she found Dona to be an inspiration to all food vloggers around. When asked If she fears being sued like Dona was, she expressed how her faith helps her move forward.

Interestingly enough, her content is entirely about food, and she doesn’t even show her face, using mainly voiceovers. She believes that her face is inconsequential to the food that she wants to display and critique. Our host was highly intrigued by her assumption and believed the opposite to be true, he finds that people require a face, and their opinions showed rather than just the food to believe someone. There was a minor debate when our host, who looked up food vlogging, anticipated seeing more people, but the contrary happened, visibly with more pictures of food.

Speaking about her career, Aysha admits to being more of a food vlogger and is content with what she’s doing. The people who admire her are interested in her life, and the food she eats, and followers who reply with their reviews to her critique. She finds happiness in the contentment of her followers. Yet our host was still fascinated that despite spending so much time vlogging, she still doesn’t reveal her face. When asked about her plans, Aysha tentatively discloses that she intends to open her restaurant. She has an idea, but she needs someone to carry it out, i.e., to assist her in executing her ideas. In addition to being a food vlogger, she is also working on a news website called Gulf Talks, which focuses on news and events in Middle Eastern countries.

Moving on to her personal life, our host inquired if she planned on having more children, preferably a son, to which she replied that she was content with whichever one she’ll get. She considers children to be Allah's blessings, regardless of their gender. Our host was amused and told her that having a boy would be beneficial to her in the long run. He highlighted how it has been scientifically shown that daughters care more about their fathers and sons care about their mothers. Aysha, on the other hand, refused to believe it, to which our host responds that she will remember him when she regrets not having a son, and how he recommended her to have one. He also found it fascinating that only Middle Eastern culture still supports having more children, whereas Western and other civilizations promote either not having children or having only one child. Aysha believes that having fewer children makes it easier to provide for them because you just have to allocate your resources to two children, whereas our host believes the opposite.

The entire conversation consisted of differing opinions and agreements and hilarious jokes. It's no surprise that Aysha has received recognition and praise for her plain honesty, her ideas, and her bubbly personality.

If you’re in Bahrain and want to know the best places for a bite, go check out Aysha’s page @thefoodaholic_bahrain and don’t forget to watch her episode at Unsolved Truths!

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