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When I’m in my Boxing Shoes, I Forget Everything Else

Updated: Oct 14

Boxer, personal trainer, marketeer and actor/model, Ali Mohammed came on up to enlighten us about the world of boxing. Boxing is his sport of choice, his passion, and his source of income. Enjoying his opinions across different subjects, and having the opportunity to speak with a real boxer excited our host. We moved from different topics, from the movie ‘Rocky’ to speaking about blood doping and match-fixing in the industry, and much more.

Let’s have a look at the highlights from the conversation;

Rocky isn’t Realistic?

Ali was questioned on the start of his journey and whether or not movies influenced his decision to pursue a career in boxing. Movies and entertainment weren’t really his cup of tea, hence he couldn’t attribute his affinity towards boxing to them. Yet he does admit, that while they weren’t in any way a clear depiction of real-life boxing, as movies they were highly intriguing. He admitted to enjoying the classic Rocky movies. And to his great chagrin, he acknowledged that whenever he had to run in the winter or cut for his fights, he always pictured himself as Rocky, and the Rocky theme tune would just keep playing in his head.

Work Toward Your Goals

When asked about the Olympics and being an Olympian, Ali stated that while it is a dream of his, the best he can do is train for it. With an Olympian as a coach, Ali was introduced to the profession and is part of the National League. His coach’s mindset and being beyond average were taught to Ali by him. It was through his coach, that he gained the exposure and who brought him from Level A to B, to level C and slowly towards becoming number one. According to Ali, to achieve your goals, you must stop thinking about them because you do not influence them. Although he believes that he does not influence it, changing one's behaviour right away will provide them with a higher chance of actualizing their goals. The only way for someone to achieve their ultimate goal, though, is by their behavioural patterns in the here and now. He believes that consistency, as well as the encouragement of others who recognise his skill, were important factors in his development as an athlete, as well as having a mindset. Coming from a country where boxing is still in its beginnings, he realises that making it to something like the Olympics will be difficult. However, everything is achievable with the appropriate team, the right support, and proper planning and preparation.

Taking a Practical but Positive Approach

When asked about the kind of mindset he has when before a fight, Ali states that he tells him that he’s going to try his best. He stated with humility that he doesn’t believe that he can win no matter what and that he’ll try his best to win. Our host admired his candour and reciprocated that such is our culture, that we’re positive and pragmatic. He believes that the Middle Eastern Culture isn’t as arrogant as the west or other cultures where they make statements brimmed with overconfidence such as - “ I'm going to win. It doesn't matter what happens, I'm going to win”,

Furthermore, our host added that in the pursuit of winning, different countries lose boundaries and start using illicit methods to win. Taking an example from a documentary to win, the Soviets devised the first doping mechanisms, such as GHG, testosterone, blood doping, and so forth. Later, the United States and the Soviet Union used it and defeated everyone. Ali added that even in boxing, the Russian national team has been banned from participating in the Olympics due to doping. He believes that it’s the corruption that’s currently taking over the AIBA, the International Boxing Association, that is one of the causes of these injustices. This type of deception in a sport like boxing isn't amusing to Ali because the participants are competing in a highly dangerous sport, as opposed to football or basketball. Boxing is a sport in which you incur the risk of suffering catastrophic brain damage every time you enter the ring. Every time Ali enters a fight, his brain, like a game, goes through the danger. So cheating in this sport is extremely dangerous, should not be permitted, and should be strictly prohibited and regulated.

The entire exchange suggests that boxing means a lot to Ali and that it was through boxing that he discovered discipline and the type of lifestyle he leads.

To know more about Ali Mohammed, exploring being a boxer and different boxing styles, take a look at his episode!

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