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What Meta Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro Mean for Your Business

By Hamad

In the swirling digital cosmos of 2023, two celestial bodies have made their resounding presence felt – Meta's Quest 3 and Apple's Vision Pro. Some of you are, no doubt, eye rolling, pondering: "More gizmos? Seriously, what next?" But hang tight, my tech-curious comrades, because this isn't just about the flashy tech. This is about what it means for *your* bottom line.


The Democratization of AR and VR

Just when you thought you'd got your head around SEO, SEM, and the whole merry band of acronyms, AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) swagger into the party. The Quest 3, with its improved processor and optics, is priming the average Joe and Jane for a world where digital overlays become as commonplace as morning coffee.

Apple's Vision Pro? It's the iPhone of AR. Sleek, intuitive, and with a price tag that'll make your wallet wince. But remember when the iPhone first strutted into our lives? Critics claimed it was just a fancier phone. Look who's laughing now.

Business takeaway:

This isn’t a niche tech toy playground anymore. As these devices reach more hands, businesses that leverage AR and VR for marketing, training, or service will stand out like a neon sign in a dim alley. Just think about how it will revolution customer call outs on repairs, you could see a AR hologram of the repair


Physical Retail's Counterpunch

E-commerce might have landed a sucker punch to brick-and-mortar, but with AR, the physical realm is prepping its counter. Imagine, walking into a store, donning an Apple Vision Pro, and watching the space transform with personalized deals, product information, and virtual assistants.

Business takeaway:

If you’re in the retail space, the blend of AR tech and physical stores can reignite the in-person shopping experience. Think less salesperson, more personalized virtual shopping guide. To spell it out lower running costs

To be honest you're already asleep on this one, Chanel using it already on iPhone.


Data, Data, Everywhere

Both the Quest 3 and Vision Pro are unparalleled data-collection powerhouses. Every gesture, glance, and interaction only fuels the insatiable maws of the algorithms. "So what's the big deal?" you might ponder. This: ultra-precise targeting for your marketing ventures. Data? Think of it as the new crude oil. Consider this - newsletters have been sold for staggering amounts exceeding 20 million. Yet, here we are, spending an inordinate amount of our lives scrolling through the ceaseless cacophony on social platforms.

Business takeaway:

The upcoming frontier of advertising promises to be intimate, sharply targeted, and let's face it, likely invasive. Ethical quandaries will inevitably butt heads with potential marketing goldmines. Navigate this terrain with caution and foresight. Given the pace of regulatory progression, we're looking at a substantial time frame, perhaps two decades, before the law even begins to catch up with AR/VR marketing nuances. So, ignite those entrepreneurial flames. Time waits for none, and I'm not here to pep-talk you into action every fortnight.



you might be there, leisurely sipping on your latte, dismissing AR and VR as mere buzzwords. Maybe it's the looming spectre of the 'Metaverse' that's gnawing at you. But heed this wisdom, ripped right from the pages of the Galloway doctrine: either disrupt or find yourself disrupted. The digital cosmos doesn't tolerate passive players. As AR and VR begin their dominion over popular culture, your choices are clear - adapt and evolve or remain a bystander.

Much like the Internet sent many a complacent business hurtling into oblivion, AR/VR stands poised with a similar threat. Want to outpace your rivals? Our lines are open for a consult. If not, well, may the odds be ever in your favor. Blockbuster, anyone?


Gear up, entrepreneurs. The future isn't knocking; it’s already here.
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