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We had DJ Ben in the house!

With his charisma and deep voice, all the way from Bangalore, Brendon D Mello, aka DJ Ben has been making moves in the DJ scene. An interior designer, a DJ, and a family man, we appreciate a multi-faceted man. Growing up around a DJ father, watching him doing shows on the weekends, and working a 9-5 during the weeks motivated him to do the same and take it a step further.

All his life, Brendon has been travelling which has helped him be a highly adaptable individual, from living in Oman, Bahrain, and his hometown in India. Interestingly, it was studying at a Sri Lankan school, that helped him in his development from becoming an introvert to an extrovert, with his extraverted abilities, he went out and acquired multiple opportunities, gaining traction and building his social profile. With over 5100 followers and playing different music genres such as Goan Masala, Bailas, EDM and Retro Music.

Talking about his father and the life he’d led, Brendan had only good things to say. He admitted to not understanding the struggles his father underwent as a child that he understands now as an adult. His father would work an office job during the week and on weekends he would do shows, standing and playing music from 10 am to 2 am, on his feet the entire time. He exclaimed how his father was terrific at handling the crowd and how that is something his contemporary DJs don’t have anymore. It was his father who inspired him to become a DJ and gave him a much better perspective on life from a very young age.

The world is constantly changing though, and with all, its changes and inventions, the criteria for getting hired as well. In today’s time, to get hired in a club or lounge, one must have a great following on social media. Hiring managers don’t look at talent anymore believing that if a person has a lot of followers, then people will buy tickets regardless if their music is good or not. Brendan explained how a lot of DJs don’t play retro music and that’s what he wanted to do, bring something new to the market. When he played for the first time at Mi Casa, he was astounded by the crowd of one hundred seventy people that showed up.

With time he started doing shows every Friday and making every show theme-based. His inspiration was to build a safe club, a club where people can cub with their girlfriends or boyfriends or wives, which is not the case in current contemporary clubs. To this, our host regaled a story of one of his DJ friends in Birmingham, who claimed that some songs get the crowd to go mental; making it difficult to manage. Brendon laughingly admitted that playing the song We Will Rock You by Queen as the last song was the worst mistake of his life, as the crowd got hyped up, making it difficult to manage them.

Our host asked Brendon about the journey of becoming a DJ, and the first steps towards becoming a DJ and to this Brendon claimed that the first step is to learn from your contemporaries, learn from what they are doing and understand that there’s always room for improvement. He explained how having a good social media page, with adequate followers and views is highly beneficial in scoring gigs. He also advised frequenting a few clubs that allow you to walk in and play to gain more traction, and in honing your skills, as they are the best places for improvement. Explaining the opportunities available to DJs, in countries like Oman, there aren’t many clubs where good music can be played, however, the opposite is true for Dubai and Bahrain, these nations are brimming with opportunities which are imperative for your growth.

With the host leaning in to learn about the world of DJs and interior design and our guest ardently expressing his views about these subjects, the conversation was a whirlwind of opinions. Make sure to jam to some music once you’re done watching DJ Ben at Unsolved Truths!

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