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We at it again Disney...

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

So this week on our movie podcast we look into the moral ambiguity between Disney VS Scarlett Johansson (Sarah AKA black widow. According to IMDB Scarlett has 49 actress credits with just film listing. bBeginning with her first movie "North", nine of them being with Disney or 18.36% of her total career was with Disney.

Now originally I was going to look at the salary increase over time with each movie, however for the vast majority of early films I can't find any source that seems trust worth. therefor we will be focusing on two numbers the Total box office revenue and the income she was paid over her Disney career ( I could find those numbers)

But let just say this with just 16 movies alone as "Lead Ensemble Member" she has helped generated $12,588,618,121 in revenue!


Is 20 Million a alot?

the obvious answer to this is natural yes however, this question keeps gnawing at me for any normal person it would take you 642 years to make that income. however, most A list movie stars make around 15-30 Million per movie even tom cruse makes around $12-14 Million per film.

Therefore the question now becomes is it fair for any individual who has worked for almost 11 years with the same company to be paid the same salary? (leave your comment)

Disney has got History

well any company with almost 97 years on the books will have some skeletons in their closet from Donald Duck being a Nazi impersonation, endangering children, and all kinds of abuses.

The late great Robin Williams said it best when Disney decide to bend their contract with him over payment (running occurrence in Disney theme) and promotional agreements.

"You realize when you work for Disney why the mouse has only four fingers,” he said at the time. “Because he can’t pick up a check.”

We talk more about this and other topics on our podcast show!

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