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The Unfunny Comic; Abood Jay

Abdullah Nazer, aka AboodJay, is a well-known stand-up comic artist in Bahrain and across the Gulf. Being a comedian, he’s made many laugh while calling himself unfunny. Since he hails from a traditional family, his chosen path was highly frowned upon. Yet with determination and persistence, he hung on to his dream and slowly but surely made it a reality. With his talent and wit, he has performed in many prestigious venues, including Al Dana Amphitheatre. With conversations dwindling between Roe V Wade, the current state of comedians, the prevalent cancel culture, and the plethora of trolling currently taking over the world, a clash of ideologies occurred. Opinions were expressed and a healthy debate ensued.

When considering the current state of comedians and how canceling comedians has become extremely common, it's a difficult time to be a comedian—the infamous altercation between Chris Rock and Will Smith, for example. Smith slapped Chris Rock despite being a celebrity of stature and fame because he took offense at a joke about his wife. It's frightening how, as time passes, we are becoming increasingly sensitive, how our feelings and morals allow us to cancel out another's feelings and morals. Humor, according to AboodJay, isn’t meant to be offensive. He confesses that no comedian wants to offend anyone. All a comedian wants to do is express his opinions in the way they think and make people laugh.

His passion and determination could be heard when he spoke about his journey as a comedian and one of the founders of the Stand Up Society, a community of comedians he built. The Society's entire goal is to develop comedians and a scene, to get people up on stage and constantly perform and have work. It began with less than five comedians and has since grown to include nearly 20 comedians. He started building this community early in his career because the community is what has helped him grow. His motivation for starting was to have more people come up and to create an artistic pool.

At the beginning of his career, he first began with music, poetry, and open mics. He first performed at Raven's Nest, naming the event ‘Raven's Openly’, and performed twice a week. Moving through these particular events helped him discover comedy. It was through comedy that he discovered his voice. He enjoys the structure of comedy, understanding how things work in comedy, performing it, and being able to go in front of people and practice a set he has. As the conversation progressed, it became clear that much of Abood’s work resulted from his efforts.

An interesting comparison was drawn when comparing the Middle Eastern countries' treatment of artists and how they are treated. The UAE believes that the best course of action is to fund artists and the development of culture. Kuwait, on the other hand, fosters artistic potential and educates its artists. For example, an acting and theatre university for budding artists exists in Kuwait. Saudi Arabia is gradually progressing toward being a center for culture and the arts. The nation is currently investing in its artists as it has started to recognize the promise in the industry. Saudi Arabia has progressively become more welcoming of various artistic genres, including theatre, music, and comedy, and these genres are now gaining well-deserved praise.

Abood Jay has received recognition across the comedy scene in Bahrain and the Middle East over the years as he has improved and cultivated his craft. He has received well-deserved acclaim. Finding this acclaim rewarded him with venues that wanted him to perform and loyalty from venue owners. However, amid his achievements, it is support from his country, Bahrain that he craves. He believes that his country’s support would assist him in his goal; of turning Bahrain into a powerhouse for creativity and culture.

Comedy, a few abortion jokes, DNA, and the choice between a collectivist and individualistic society are all topics that were breached by Abood and the host. Watch Abood's episode to see the clash of opinions that transpired.

The episode is Now available from apple podcast, Spotify and even YouTube;

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81yuX4M_to0&t=740s Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/79wOBUv4u4i7sWJBLJvvqd?si=HVHAWZPdRfqEYrCjupPtNQ iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/an-up-coming-stand-up-comics-journey-unsolved-truths/id1580002083?i=1000577476507

Website: (Done't have one lol)

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