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The right vs left argument... again

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

I was recently on the phone call talking about the covid situation (admittedly a topic I'm less than Proficient in) while sadly a topic we all seem to be obsessed with. Where I offered an option that wasn't "main stream" as the kids say, that instead of worrying about the vaccination and face masks we should instead focus on preventative measures.

Such as increasing our immune system; that it's more effecting in the long run & cost effective to help teach the public on measures we can take to lower stress and increasing our aerobic fitness. Cross-sectional studies have continuously shown that the most effect disease prevention in humans is a healthy lifestyle ironically something that doesn't seem to come natural in modern society.

Absurdly, it turned in to the usual debate of right vs left, a subject I have grown customarily tired with as well. An abridged transcript below: (let me preface by nature I'm conservative)


S: You must see that the Republicans are causing the next wave since their actively promoting Vaccine conspiracies.

Me: Well I believe it's the media trying to divide the public, the media has it's own agenda in their political candidates.

S: The republican party is run but white racist men! And it has nothing to do with the media.

Me: ... I won't argue with you S, all I am saying is their is an effective way to help our fight against the pandamic by improving our immune system.


It was at that moment that It hit me, a slap across the face by Aristotle himself "anagnorisis!" He yells in my ear! (Look it up on duckduckgo)


This wasn't about vaccines or political structures, no, no rather about us vs them mentality also known as group thinking. lucky humans are infinitely fallible and we often suffer form our believes...

This is a larger issue that we are seeing in our society, we have always demonizes "them" the people outside our group however, social media has managed to whip up the masses to frenzy. Look at Twitter at any moment and you will find one group or another sharpening their pitchfork for their next target of mob justice. Frankly it has be come sicking that at any moment you or I could have our entire lives taken from us to the point that it can be even in the literal sense.

But I believe this is another phenomenon at work here self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts or as Allan Walts would say we see what we believe rather then what we see. I find more and more that people are simply focusing on arbitrary beliefs that some how "X" group is evil in incarnated with complete cognitive dissidents. We have become more divided than ever and focusing on the fringes of any group. people are natural homogeneous but we often forget that, in order to justify our views.

We miss the main point that human beings are fallible but also inherently good and strive to be better.

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