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The founder of MKj Skin!

Mohamed Al Bahraini, the founder of MKj Skin Co., a cruelty-free, organic, and earth-conscious brand, came on to share some skin secrets! As a man who loves skincare, he began his brand in the year 2015, ensuring that his products are affordable and free from harsh chemicals. From talking about skincare to his amazing Russian assistant, sharing his bucket list, and hating people born in March, Mohamed indulged us in many ways with his charisma and wit. Let’s take a look at his journey of becoming a skinfluencer and a skincare brand owner!

Mohamed holds degrees in both architecture and civil engineering. At a time when skincare wasn't even popular or on trend, he realised that it was his calling. While looking for jobs and different opportunities, he was searching through different media and got hooked on a skinfluencer, making him extremely interested in the field. He reached out to those who had their brand and learned more about the world of skincare. Items like toners, serums, and scrubs were introduced to him, and he met the person who made them all. He was inspired to launch his brand after watching them create their skincare, and interestingly, Mohamed formulates the product himself, being that he’s a certified aesthetician. When he first started his brand, he went to exhibitions and showcased his brand’s products, which would sell out within eight hours of their introduction!

He started his business in the year 2015, yet when COVID-19 hit, everything was swept under the rug. Our host took an example from Chanel and expressed how COVID-19 almost destroyed the makeup industry since people no longer go out as much, and the makeup industry is still recovering from the repercussions of the pandemic. Mohamed realised that despite COVID-19, people still wanted his products. In Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, his beard oil, elixirs, and hair oils are his best-selling goods and it was astounding to realize that men were getting into skincare as well. During the days when he was delivering things himself, he shared a story of travelling to Turkey, to a village two hours outside of the capital, to bring beard oil to a blogger who had asked him for it. Doing so gained him a plethora of adulation and loyalty from his customers.

While looking over at MKj Skin Co., our host gave a few pointers to Mohamed in terms of packaging, to try out different products like hemp plastic, which is bio-degradable. Mohamed agreed, conceded to working on it, and claimed that his product designs undergo design changes constantly. Mohamed proudly claims that MKj products are preservative-free. When asked if Mohamed was planning on selling lip fillers or lip-plumping products, he vehemently denied ever doing so. When it comes to features, lip fillers, and cosmetic enhancement surgeries, Mohamed recommends going to the best doctors because it is your face that you are giving to someone, explaining how going to the wrong people can ruin the way you look and your entire facial structure. Our host claimed that that is the difference between men and women; a rugged man looks handsome, yet a rugged woman wouldn’t look handsome.

According to our host, content can be two things: entertaining or educating. If it’s not entertaining, then no one will care. Therefore, moving on to a lighter subject, Mohamed’s personal life, our host asked questions regarding his hobbies and his bucket list, where he admitted his love for food and especially cooking. He expressed loving Indian cuisine and proudly exclaimed making panipuri himself. He loves going out to eat at different restaurants and trying out different cuisines, whereas our host is the exact opposite, he loves reading and enjoys the time he has to think about life and what he learns from books.

The two of them excitedly discussed different restaurants and different foods, and Mohamed concluded that maybe they should go out to eat together and broadcast content. The conversation veered into a variety of topics, keeping both our host and Mohamed engaged with discussions of skincare, food, clothing, and art. Could there be a collaboration in the future to sample various cuisines together?

Make sure to get yourself or a loved one an elixir from MKj Skin Co., and don't forget to watch Mohamed's episode!

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