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Spooki GG is back baby

Gamer, YouTuber vlogger and entrepreneur Omar Zuhair, aka Spookiman8, with his YouTube channels Spookiman GG and Omar Spooki, came out to entertain us with his humour and wit. Being a Youtuber since the year 2014, with multiple channels, he has reached the epitome of fame in his niche; vlogging, reaction videos and gaming videos. With the way that gaming is perceived in the world, Omar has explored different areas of YouTube. The conversation was highly engaging and intriguing, with our host highly amused by our guest, and Omar learning multiple stories like the monks of Nepal, how electricity works and much more!

Let’s have a look at some of the highlights of the conversation;

Starting a YouTube Channel

Omar or Spooki as he is now famously called, interestingly enough, started his YouTube channel when he was looking at content creators like Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie among other channels. He was curious as to how a man could make him laugh so much just by playing video games, considering how video games are seen in such poor light with adults usually attributing video games to procrastination. Watching people create content inspired him to start his channel, play video games and talk to himself mostly. With time, he slowly gained acclaim across Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Speaking of his journey and how at times he lost his way, he explained how for some time, he was constantly creating videos and posting more and more, to gain fame quickly, which didn’t occur, as well as creating more videos equals making more money. But pushing out more videos, reduced the quality of his videos. It took him some time to realise that what matters more is creating content that you love instead of pushing out more content for money. He finds that if he’s not working, or doing something, then there’s no way he’ll enjoy resting after a day. Spooki admits that working is the only thing that gives a man happiness and his rest its taste. A man needs a purpose.

The Evolution of Fame

Our guest found the evolution of fame highly intriguing. When Andrew Tate’s method of gaining fame, by buying out fame accounts and posting his content was being discussed, the evolution of fame was brought up. Like Old Town Road by Lil Nas X, and many other songs, gain fame and acclaim by getting reposted on Instagram and other social media platforms. Music is blowing up these days through Instagram and different social media accounts. Before it was much harder to enter the music industry or become famous, yet today, with the right number of views, getting their content reposted or buying out Instagram accounts with high following counts, can bring you close to fame and wealth. Yet fame is an exciting purpose, to work towards.

People’s Obsession with Hate

Spooky and our host crossed upon an interesting subject when talking about the obsession people have with hate. In the current era of social media, society has become highly emotionally driven, and people are constantly worried about either receiving hate or giving hate as well. Whenever a person feels low or bad or finds the smallest disagreement with someone’s opinion, they share their hate on social media. Spooki understands that content creators are not equipped to deal with the emotional trauma or consequences of receiving such hate.

The problem that’s occurring with the vitriol being spread online is that it isn’t regulated and there are no limits to what a person can say, especially when using accounts that don’t showcase your name. Omar strongly believes that expressing hate must occur with more responsibility. However, our host believes that most of the comments that we come across on social media aren’t real and the best one can do is ignore them.

It's safe to say that with Spooki seated across from our host, they were both in splits laughing and enjoying each other's company. Our host even declared him his favourite guest until now, which is quite an accomplishment. It's clear to say the two had a fantastic rapport when they talked about paedophilia, establishing healthy mosques for people, and much more.

Check out Spooki's Episode for a good laugh!

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