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Someone to teach you how to live your life?

Someone to teach you how to live your life, how to lose weight, or how to manage your business- Hamad Al Saad! A wellness coach or a lifestyle coach and an entrepreneur came up to talk about the impact he’s made with his clients and the impact he plans to make. He’s a wellness coach as well the Founder of the Nourishers Tribe. Let's have a look at how Hamad became this way, helping individuals of all ages and with various challenges.

Bringing light to the journey of becoming a wellness coach, Hamad told us how on a random day he woke up and realised that he wanted to be a life coach. He walked into his place of work and resigned knowing that this isn’t what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Realising that he wanted to live a life for himself, and not for other people, made him realise that his calling was in helping people. Like Andrew Tate says it – he escaped the Matrix. That’s what he wanted to do. He expressed his theory, of how unknowingly, people live for other people and the way they want you to live. People might give us advice out of love, yet when one’s outer reality doesn’t incline with their inner reality; we become unhappy. That is how a midlife crisis occurs in one’s life. Hamad aims to help people with their lives and help them become the best version of themselves.

Anything that adds value to your life, like physical activities, parenting, gyms, improving productivity and much more are part of Hamad’s skill sets. With wellness programs for adults as well as kids, or the Summer Champ program; which is part of his youth summer camp program, that is fun, engaging and informative, Hamad caters to people as young as nine years old as sixty-four. He also has business coaching for entrepreneurs and has worked as a Marketeer for a tech business. Hamad wants to help people in becoming the best versions of themselves and to help people live much more fulfilling lives.

Our host suggested Hamad build an email marketing chain, and every day for five days, send emails of stories and highlights of the people he’s helped and when people join, use their stories for future purposes. Hamad agrees that marketing is one of the key factors to improving his business and admits not working much on it however, with the launch of his new website he aims on bringing some changes, and also plans on making the website bilingual.

Speaking about his future, Hamad claims that he’s planning on starting his podcast as well as a breakfast club for wellness coaches. Our host asked if he was going to be invited to the podcast as well as be the first guest, to which our guest gave a hard no. Shocked, our host sputtered his hurt and exclaimed at the blasphemy! Hamad conceded to inviting our host for an episode, yet our host claimed on wanting to be the first guest. Yet Hamad stayed strong and plans on having a big launch and maybe then would have him over. With his hectic schedule, he plans on doing an episode a month, to which our host advised having an episode, once a week. On starting his own Breakfast Club, Hamad explains how people will convene once a month, with past clients and business owners and stakeholders. Our host advised that the best way to move forwards would be to create a Discord server which would work really well for his line of business. Our guest appreciated our hosts’ free advice and exclaimed how that’s the benefit of coming up on the podcast.

Talking about midlife crises and finding his passion at the age of thirty, do take a look at what Hamad has to say! Don’t forget to watch Hamad’s Episode with us at Unsolved Truths!

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