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‘Never Stop Learning - Even in your 50's’ 5 Lessons to Learn from Episode 13#

As someone who believes in the importance of constantly learning, Ossama had a lot of opinions across different topics. The topics of discussion with Osama included everything from success and education to the homosexual characters in the film Lightyear, social change, the Toastmasters program, and the existence of an Arabic-language Twitter, among many other topics.

During the open conversation that took place, he imparted valuable advice on how to lead and how to develop your leadership skills.

Therefore, if you're interested in developing your leadership skills, you can learn from him five crucial points from the conversation that took place;

Never Stop Learning

The first and foremost advice Ossama has is to never stop learning.

Ossama talked about his time as an office kid working in an era before computers. Books were the only learning tools accessible at the time. He read endlessly about rules and procedures, consuming whatever he could get his hands on. Reading broadened his knowledge and helped him develop into a customer service guru. Learning has been a crucial component of his journey to achieve where he is, from working as an office boy to becoming a trainee and moving toward working as a managerial executive.

Rule of One From One

'To be a successful person, you have to develop your skills.’

Ossama believes that learning must be pursued assiduously throughout one's life. Implementing what you have learned, though, is the best way to learn. You must, therefore, put what you learn into practice if you want to be proficient in life. He claims that from every course he takes, he finds one lesson that he has learned and tries to put it into practice in his daily life. And he thinks that's how one improves their skills. Instead of learning everything, you focus on learning one thing and mastering it. And that's how the Rule of One from One works.

Learn from books, classes, and your experiences in life, but never stop learning.

Learn To Communicate Better

One of the most crucial parts of being a leader is communication. You won't be able to lead efficiently if you can't communicate effectively. Osama speaks on how one's communication skills impact their efficiency as a leader. Communication is more than just speaking well; it’s also about voice intonation, body language, and being confident. Having good communication skills contributes to building confidence.

Programs like Toastmaster can help you improve your communication abilities. It is a curriculum designed expressly to help you become a better leader and effectively communicate with others. Osama participates in two of these clubs, which has helped him improve his communication abilities. Being an eloquent communicator means being able to resolve problems, being a thoughtful listener, and being capable of efficiently expressing your opinions.

Learn English through Professional Media

The conversation came to a point where the English language was discussed and how almost every non-native speaker of English is taught the language since 2 billion people across the world speak the language. Being a universal language, English has become an imperative language to learn.

He advises how it's better to learn and improve your command of the English language through media such as BBC News or CNN News. The language used in these media is professional and can be difficult to understand at times, but this is what benefits them in the long run. Words that are difficult to grasp can be looked up, which helps you expand your vocabulary.

Even though learning English is important, it is also important to maintain your heritage and culture. And the language you were taught when you were born. Language is what allows you to connect with others and share your experiences with them. It is not necessary to lose your language in order to learn English.

Achieve what you want, a step at a time

To motivate his students,Ossama uses an interesting analogy. Essentially, he shows them an image of a mountain and a flag, with the flag not actually on top of the mountain. The flag is placed wherever you choose. So you set a goal, and when you reach it, you set a higher goal or move the flag farther away. As you complete each goal, it is a sign that you are on the right track.

You gain a competitive edge by staying one step ahead of the competition. And the best way to stay one step ahead of the competition is to learn new things. So, as Osama says, go around seeking knowledge and improving it. Identify your interests and learn everything you can about them. Activities that you enjoy. Things that pique your interest and make you excited. That is what keeps you one step ahead of the competition.

So, essentially, your goals are flags that you must place, and you should work on each goal one at a time rather than trying to accomplish everything all at once.

This is just a snippet of the conversation with Ossama. There’s a lot more to uncover.

Tune in to Unsolved Truths for more interesting stories and even more interesting people.

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