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Nairobi to Bahrain; Sheila’s Journey So Far

From Nairobi to Bahrain Sheila Ombogo, a woman who rose through the ranks at Incorporate W.L.L. to becoming a Marketing Board Director delighted us with her vivacious presence. She is continuously contributing to the growth of Incorporate W.L.L. as a Marketing Board Director. Her humble beginnings and the tale of her journey from Kenya to Bahrain served as the starting point for the conversation.

When regaling the tale of her journey from Kenya to Bahrain, Sheila recalled the story of her family and her life. She was one of five students who studied marketing at a university in Kenya; she was chosen for a marketing internship and afterwards hired full-time. Through referrals, she moved from one company to another and eventually joined an FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) organization. Our guest eventually established her marketing consultancy in Kenya. The consultancy was running well with multiple clients approaching her, and as a result of its success, she had a staff of fifteen people. However, it shut down due to unforeseen circumstances. Rather than leaving her employees empty-handed when the company was shutting down, Sheila dipped into her personal savings to pay the salaries of her staff. She decided to move to Bahrain and start over after incurring losses while running her organization.

Her sister encouraged her to go to Bahrain as a marketing consultant. Sheila’s sister referred her to the owner of a coffee roastery known as Marimba Roastery, which pioneered the notion of specialty coffee in Bahrain. The owner had expressed that he was seeking a competent marketer and wanted someone who could move volumes for his roastery. Sheila accepted the position despite the pay disparity between her salaries in Kenya and Bahrain because she saw the role's potential. When she decided to relocate to Bahrain, she had to restart her entire career trajectory and was entering a whole different market in a different country, yet she went forward with her wit and knowledge. However, after only a year, Sheila lost her job as a result of unforeseeable events and she was at a standstill again.

During the pandemic and her period of unemployment, Sheila learned from a variety of online courses and platforms, including Coursera, Udemy, and Google Digital Garage as there was nothing more she could do. She nevertheless continued to submit her resume to other businesses to land a job and received a job offer as a waitress while reapplying for jobs, and despite considerable hesitation, she accepted it. Sheila's brother would visit her home during the weekend to train her in waitressing-related skills, including how to hold the tray. And she recalled holding a crucial consideration about it: whether doing this was actually what she wanted to do. And she concluded that she didn't, which is why she quit before she started. After putting in a lot of effort, she was hired to work as a social media administrator at a dance studio, where in the course of her three months there, she was successful in enrolling 30 new students. Her engagement with users on social media, including parents, adults and students, was important in attracting so many students.

With time, Sheila attained her next position at C&S Internationals, where she rose through the ranks, by sheer willpower and perseverance. She was hired as a Marketing and Public Relations Manager at C&S Internationals as a result of the connections she made on LinkedIn. It was a legal consulting firm that concentrated on Bahraini company registration and Sheila cherished and adored her organization's late boss. She only had positive things to say, and as she shared her experiences, she offered her insight on customer relations and business growth. She described how she used to give her customers gifts like chocolates, books, or pens to keep their loyalty and ensure they would remember her.

The dynamics of Sheila's life are fascinating!- from being a business owner in Kenya to facing unemployment and later on becoming the Marketing Board Director at a prominent organization.

Learn about Sheila's life's ups and downs by watching her episode.

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