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Make your Content Work for you

By Hamad Al-Morished

Ever heard the mantra, 'content is key'?

That's not just some overhyped adage it's the gospel truth of the digital age we've been rockin' for the last three decades. For a business to skip out on the content game now? It's like showing up to a 2023 board meeting with a fax machine under your arm. Adorable, but pitifully outdated.

People are gobbling down a mind-boggling amount of content, over 4.5 hours of it daily! It's not just cat videos and dance challenges. We're talking about a seismic shift in how brands and their flocks communicate. Now, I can almost hear some of you from here, "I'm a B2B player; this ain't my rodeo." Well, cowboy, this ain't the Wild West anymore. The digital storm is blowing your way too.

The big shots in the B2B game?

They're not immune to the siren song of content. They're soaking up TED talks, binging industry podcasts, and getting their insights from LinkedIn debates. You think your cold call or trade show booth holds a candle to that? Think twice. If you're still playing hide-and-seek with content creation, buddy, you're not just hiding; you're lost. The field has leveled. From the big fish to the small fry, everyone's got a mic, and everyone's got a stage.

So, if you're banking on yesteryear's playbook, here's a pro tip: The game's changed, champ. Dive into the content pool—headfirst if you must—and ride the wave that's reshaping business, branding, and basically... everything.

You see content is everything & everywhere,

it’s not just about getting new customers involved with the brand, but also stakeholders. Think about it this way what makes a company great? Naturally it’s the people inside of the business. This leads naturally to the next question how do attracted the best in the industry to work with your company what you need to do is revise the idea how do you build a image set a narrative that you are not just the best in the industry but also the best to invest in.

Alright, let’s break it down a bit further. Ever paused to wonder why those Silicon Valley giants are killing it? Sure, they've got brilliant products and deep pockets, but they've also mastered the art of narrative. They've figured out how to communicate not just to the world, but to the dreamers and doers who walk their halls.

You've got companies out there who are heralded not just because of their bottom line, but because they've become a beacon for talent. They're the cool kids on the block, not due to their swanky offices or pool tables, but because of the story they tell and the content they create. It's like they’ve got this magnetic aura that makes the best of the best say, 'That’s where I want to be.'

Now, you might be thinking, ‘Great for them, but how does it apply to me boss?’ Simple. Just flip the script. Your business, no matter how big or small, can harness the same power. It's all about creating content that resonates, content that doesn’t just market but inspires.

Get this right, and you're not just a company.

You're a movement. You become that irresistible force that pulls in the brightest minds and the heaviest investment wallets. Because, my friend, when you set a narrative that's bigger than profit, when your content speaks to ambitions and aspirations, you don't just attract customers. You build a tribe.

So, ask yourself, what’s your story? Are you just another player in the field, or are you the trailblazer setting the woods on fire? Because in this age, the narrative is just as important as the numbers, and if you're not crafting it, someone else is defining it for you.

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