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Keeping Up With the Gen Z’s;

Fawaz Albinmohamed, the owner of Winner’s Football Club, a football freak and a fitness enthusiast, brought us his valuable insight and wonderful opinions across different subjects. A blogger, entrepreneur and football club owner, he sure knows his way around words, which impressed our difficult-to-impress host.

The conversation delved into sports and the environment of the sports industry in the current times. Discussing their opinions about drugs and the usage of drugs as one of the biggest problems in today’s sports industry, our host had the most interesting idea! He theorised that maybe instead of one, we could have 2 leagues in every sport; an official one where drugs aren’t allowed and one where drug consumption is allowed. If in case, an athlete in the no-drugs-league cheats, then they should be highly punished under the law. Drugs and match-fixing, are two main issues that the sports industry is currently facing, however, our guest, Fawaz, seems to believe the opposite. He believes that match-fixing is an issue that was much more prevalent in the past, compared to the current times. To this, our host took the example of Russia, the nation’s athletic teams were banned from participating in the 2022 World Cup due to the war with Ukraine and in the past were banned from the 2014 Olympics due to their schemes of blood doping.

Russia, the current talk of the town, was discussed between our guest and host. Our host, who’s travelled extensively, claimed that Russia is one of the most beautiful countries that he’s ever visited and Fawaz expressed his interest in visiting the country once, yet has never been. Jokingly, our host exclaimed how he’d like to revisit the country to see the new renamed Mcdonalds’ or Starbucks (called Stars Coffee). Yet when talking about the culture and its beauty, the difference in culture was understood. In the past, when people thought of Russia, a plethora of stereotypes arose in people’s minds created by the West mostly, yet today, due to the exposure caused by the World Cup and Olympics, people are aware of the beauty and culture Russia holds. Our host claimed that the men are either ugly or monstrous!

Yet talking about Middle Eastern cultures, similarly, the West has been villainizing citizens of Arab descent being portrayed as shady or unfriendly in movies. Yet if people were to visit the Middle Eastern countries, they would realise and understand the friendly culture and the community that the nations have. An interesting fact, that our host explained was how China is extremely selective of the movies they distribute in their country, having a few criteria to be fulfilled, such as; having a Chinese actor, and a positive message relating to the Chinese people.

While the conversation brewed, Fawaz expressed his adulation for Marvel and DC movies, claiming Spiderman as his favourite, indicating his fun and carefree nature. Fawaz claimed he’s Batman in the office and Spiderman in his house. Explaining his journey from working a boring corporate job, Fawaz expressed how he loves positivity and believes it has the power to change everything. So, when he started his club, he aimed to start a positive working environment for the people working under him, explaining why most of the members of his company are young, driven and positive individuals, who when met always approach you with a smile. He appreciates the culture he has created, where people are smiling and cheerful.

Keeping up with Gen Z is challenging, yet Fawaz manages to do it effortlessly. Working out, staying healthy, and being an adventurer at heart; going on hikes, camping and playing football, all these activities and his jovial nature help him stay young and charming.

Watch out for Fawaz’s episode at Unsolved Truths for a kick of football and humour!

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