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Hussaini Wanting to Be Top G

Hussain Hussani, entrepreneur, video content creator and host of the Hustle Kitchen Podcast brought with him his immense love for Andrew Tate as well as his psycho-analytic capabilities! Expressing his views on modern women and the plague of feminism and the good work of fellow patriot Andrew Tate, Hussain had a lot to say. With well-deserved appreciation for our executive producer- Dan, as well as trying to analyze his personality towards the end, it’s safe to say that the conversation left us reeling in laughter!

Check out our conversation with Hussaini below!

Australia Over London

At the beginning of the conversation, Hussain begins by explaining how he's been in Australia for a major part of his life, and through extensive travel, he's concluded that he finds Australia to be the best country in the world. Our host pointed out how much he loves an autocratic society. While regaling the story of his son’s birth and the assistance he received due to the governmental procedures put in place, he exclaimed how the processes were explained to him before birth and that he was present at the moment of his son’s birth. He admitted to crying during the birth of his son, promising that he’s not a man that usually cries. Hussaini excitedly exclaimed how the government pays people who’ve had children 5000 dollars to help them with their child’s needs. Including this generous amount, a nurse would come to his house for the first few months to clear away any doubts or provide any help or insight where required. For Hussaini, despite several solid arguments, Australia with its useful policies and procedures, stood at the top, over London or any other country.

From talking about his son’s birth in an Australian hospital to the tax money he pays to the money he got paid by the government for having children, Hussaini expressed his love for Australia, claiming that it’s the best country to pay taxes to. The money gets put to good use, and comparing the country or continent with different nations across the world, Hussain prefers Australia over every one of them.

The Plague of Modern Feminism

Hussaini is against radical feminism and everything associated with it. When he first came to Bahrain, he recalls how women weren't even allowed to show their faces or were frowned upon for doing so, yet today it's the complete opposite. Women are out there, doing the same jobs as men in the corporate world, and are highly succeeding in their careers.

There's also the problem of modern women buying into quick-money-making schemes such as OnlyFans, which, in the future, when looked back upon, would prove to be highly negative. In the past, you could only show your face and you were frowned upon, yet today, people rarely conceal themselves and are appreciated for it. When asked about how he would deal with the situation of having a daughter that uses OnlyFans, he claims that it's his responsibility to be a good father and try as much as he can to guide his daughter away from wrongdoings such as OnlyFans. He understands that he's not allowed to force her, yet he's always going to try to show her the right path.

He believes that it's upon the man, being a good husband or a good father, to ensure the working of good society by ensuring his wife and daughter aren't doing OnlyFans or committing other transgressions. Maybe guidance is the key?

Depression Isn’t Real?

From the multiple mentions of Andrew Tate throughout the conversation, it was clear that Andrew Tate was the Top G for Hussaini. He loves and lives by his words, and unknowingly quotes him multiple times. Speaking about depression, obesity, and mental health issues, Hussaini claims that he doesn't believe them to be real.

He believes in the power of discipline and asks a very complicated question to our viewers. Is one fat because they're depressed or is one depressed because they're fat? Our host believes the latter to be true, and claims that it's not just discipline that helps you along the way, but the right people as well. His experiences in life as well as his work as a consultant have helped him conclude that having the right people is imperative to your growth in life. Hussaini believes that finding a higher purpose, working towards it, and exercising are the main components of life, and having these would dissolve any mental issues one may believe they have. Our host highly disagrees, yet Hussaini considers that physical fitness is the key to maintaining mental health.

From trying to psycho-analyze our executive producer Dan to calling him Dan the Man, to expressing his adulation for Andrew Tate and Australia, the conversation was teetering between different themes, leaving our host, members behind the scene and Hussaini himself in splits.

Be sure to watch Hussaini's Episode and let us know what you think about Hussaini and the Top G!

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