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Hating Laundry and Making Money Out of It

The idea for an uber for laundry was developed by a man who had recently got married and didn't like doing laundry at home. Emad Koojehi, the co-founder of Doobi and a former manager at Arab Financial Services, graced us with his presence and vivacity while introducing us to his creative and successful software. According to Emad, the Doobi app is like a "Uber for laundry." His main goal was to automate laundry effectively to save time.

Our guest mentioned that due to his recent nuptials and both of them being working individuals, the household tasks were split between them. He was in charge of chores like laundry and trash pickup. He recognised an opportunity even though he abhorred doing laundry. Emad came up with a better solution than spending his daily 30 minutes doing laundry, sorting the clothing, washing them, and ironing them. He began constructing the Doobi app and his wife assisted him in developing the brand and operating as his business partner.

The first six months of his journey to build Doobi were devoted to UI development, user experience, and fostering better customer relationships. Along with the support of his wife, one of his close friends followed in Emad’s footsteps, he left his job, and because they had the same beliefs and a similar vision, they began developing the product. Intriguingly, the hue of the Doobi website was inspired by an e-cigarette when the logo and website's colour were questioned. He spotted an e-cigarette in that colour and fell in love with it. After deciding on the colour, they moved on to creating the brand and the website.

Basically, the Doobi app works by giving you a bag when you purchase their services, and then the bag is picked up and the clothes are washed. A welcome kit is sent to you after you register on the app and a welcome bag can be found inside them. When a customer purchases their services, they are given a bag that serves as a sign of the service. For various types of clothing and varying quantities of clothing, there are different bags. Doobi Casuals are for all types of clothing, Doobi Delicates are for delicate clothing, and there are many other options.

Many people are benefiting from the app. Emad recalled an incident in which a client had once spoken with him and showed admiration for him, saying that Doobi saved his life. When asked how he responded that Doobi has made his days much less stressful and taken the strain of laundry off his shoulders. The Doobi app allowed him to avoid hiring staff and inconsistencies in terms of doing laundry.

Emad achieved a lot of milestones due to his positive outlook and his belief in Doobi. He was extremely proud of his team, which included his wife and many of his friends. Every employee of Doobi undergoes rigorous training for their designation, making them impeccable employees. For Emad, acquiring consumers is far more important than developing and branching out; he is tremendously reliant on customer loyalty and is proud of both his clientele and the quality of the services he provides. The topic of Doobi permeated every aspect of the conversation and Emad is determined to transform the way the world perceives laundry with Doobi.

Do Doobi your laundry and take a look at Emad’s episode to know more!

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