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Crypto Isn't Built On Economic Fundamentals

Adel Hubail has had an interesting journey, beginning as a teacher and progressing to become the CEO and founder of the YOU app. The YOU app aims to provide services beneficial to the customer. The app has everything from fashion to groceries to food. Dr Adel Hubail, who holds a PhD in Business Management, is the creator of this successful app.

His constant desire to learn and improve himself has contributed to his becoming a well-read individual. With a Master's degree in Linguistics, a PhD in Business Management, and numerous educational certifications, he possesses a wealth of knowledge. His time studying Linguistics taught him the value of words and the power of language.

‘Power resides in language, in words, and the choice of words. Power resides in the words, the way you use your words, and the way you interact.’

With a sound understanding of psychology, customers and the power of language, it's safe to say that Adel is successfully catering to a wide audience ranging from children as young as 12, to senior citizens of the country.

‘The choice is you, and the tagline is Live happier. We want it to be you because as a customer, you are the centre of our attention. You are the centre of our focus.’- Adel Hubail

His voice was filled with passion and determination as he discussed the business model and the origins of the YOU app. Adel described the company's business model as an empathy model. The empathy model reflects the characteristics of each human being. Therefore, to fulfil a purchase, the app must be interactive.

This model takes a few factors into account. The first is that human beings have free will. Second, humans have rational thinking, which allows them to mentally process information, causing them to be price sensitive. Third, their social influences are taken into account too. As a result, it is critical to understand your customers' social trends, social backgrounds, and cultures.

Adel's empathic sensibilities could be distinguished throughout the conversation. His grasp of the human mind is unrivalled. He claims that a human being goes through a mood cycle daily. We, as humans, experience a wide range of emotions. He remarked that there are days when you love your wife and days when you don't want to be around her. So, according to him, catering to a person's emotional tendencies is also essential for the business.

When questioned about expanding to Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and other Middle Eastern countries, Adel expressed interest and stated that it would happen in time. He believes there must be a balance between the financial resources of the company and its ambitions. He appears to believe in focusing on one task at a time and taking things one step at a time.

The episode is Now available from apple podcast, Spotify and even YouTube;

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