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Consultancy in Dubai? #2 with Robin

So you're thinking about moving to Dubai; sounds great! And your/or want to be a consultant there sounds even better, but here are a few things to look. First, do your due diligence and start researching what the most popular and industries in Dubai are . Dubai is an international hub for trade and commerce, so a lot of industries are represented here. For example; construction, architecture, finance, engineering among others.


(Too lazy to find the gift 2021)


Whenever your assessing something thing always of the #DRE

  • Differentiated

  • Relevant

  • Environmental

Is your skills are differentiated to other applicants for the job, is it relevant to the employer or industry and finally whatever you were USP is how easy is it to be copied by other people.


What are you skill sets?

Self evaluate your self and come up with a list of what makes you stand out to the rest of the industry. (linked in is your best tool to help see the skills sets people have for the position you want) In Dubai it goes connections, expense and then skill. If you lack the necessary connections then I would recommend the earliest you should move to Dubai in you mid 30s.

Dubai is not the place you would want to start your consultancy career it's fiercely competitive and you connections are far more listed. we would mostly recommend anyone under 30 to start your consultancy London, new York or Tokyo.

Our guest recommendation - #Robin

Robin was generous enough to come and spend his time on the show and explain what some of the critical steps necessary to succeed in Dubai be at any level are. His firm recommendation was to start building your connection pool

"More than anywhere else in the world the GCC connections in how deals happen here, only when you have references are people interested in doing business here."

for more on the information, listen to our podcast with Robin

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