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Building Brains for Bahrain; Jameel Al Sharaf

Jameel Al Sharaf, CEO of KSoft (a Kanoo Enterprise), joined the podcast with a friendly smile and a positive attitude. His presence was palpable, with stories to tell and advice to give. Despite his executive position, he finds time for his hobbies, calligraphy and photography. Having a broad range of knowledge across various subjects such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), NFTs, and the corporate ladder, Jameel’s words provide a lot of insight. He has previously worked for Investcorp, BMI Bank, and Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company, and he is now the CEO of KSoft, a Kanoo Enterprise that specialises in cybersecurity.

Jameel, who is currently based in Bahrain, intends to replicate the successful business model in Saudi Arabia in the form of cybersecurity solutions and advisory services. They conduct numerous security audits. Essentially, they conduct regular tests, known as vulnerability assessments, to stress test the security systems of various organisations.

According to Jameel, data protection is critical, and data protection laws will become more stringent in the coming years. However, today, multiple industries, such as the health care industry, are not exactly keeping the information secure. Organizations and individuals tend to believe that just because something happened to someone else, it will not happen to them. And few industries are keen on data security. However, as data protection laws become more stringent, the cybersecurity industry will boom because businesses will be held more accountable for the information they store about citizens. Systems, processes, and procedures must be in place to ensure that data is kept private.

Given the current change and metamorphosis that Saudi Arabia is undergoing, both the host and Jameel concluded that it will continue to evolve. Saudi Arabia is an excellent example of how to turn around an economy. They manufacture everything. They have become self-sufficient in terms of food, as well as possibly technology, services, and energy. As a region, they are self-sufficient.

Jameel gave the simplest advice while discussing Bahrain's abundantly clear culture of community and how to make Bahrain the financial powerhouse of the Middle East. Travel.

Travel the world and gain knowledge and experience. Build a global network and travel the world to learn about different cultures. Create a global perspective before returning. There is nothing wrong with spending a few years in the United States, Europe, Germany, or Japan, and then returning to Bahrain and bringing all of this expertise and knowledge to flourish in the country.

He is convinced that we must build brains for Bahrain. He means that we must take care of our citizens in such a way that they can continue to make Bahrain a better place. Otherwise, we will face a brain drain. The term "brain drain" refers to exceptional people from one country emigrating to another because their skills are not valued in their home country. It basically means they'll go to different places to look for opportunities. Their minds and ideas can be developed and nurtured.

The conversation with Jameel revealed that, despite working in technology, his passion is education. When asked about it, he said that ten years from now, he'd like to be a part of some kind of educational programme to share and give back to others. He believes he can inspire a large number of people. He wants to guide the younger generation because he never had the opportunity to be guided when he was younger. So they can make better decisions and increase self-awareness.

Many fields of study have been neglected as a result of modern fields, including mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and chemical engineers. Jameel believes that students should investigate them thoroughly and that if they have an interest in these fields, they should pursue them. However, everything today, every field of study you choose, will rely heavily on technology. Medicine, history, humanities, and economics all require some level of programming and technological understanding.

With over 11,000 views on our YouTube channel and 140,000 views on our TikTok, Jameel is gradually but steadily winning people's hearts. Watch Jameel's episode to learn about everything technology, with a comparison of Elon Musk and Donald Trump and building brains for Bahrain.

The episode is Now available from apple podcast, Spotify and even YouTube;

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