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Be the Face of Video Games

The Gamer of the Middle East, XZIT Thamer, with over 1.2 million followers on Instagram and almost 3 million subscribers on Youtube, came out to play with us! Based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, XZIT Thamer found his road to fame through spoof videos of him playing the lead from GTA San Andreas and gaming videos. With high dreams and aspirations, the man sat with us during COMICON Bahrain 2022, with his infamous bandana and a smile. With fans coming over to get his autograph, multiple entities were fighting for his attention, yet he took his sweet time to speak with us. Let’s check out what the conversation was all about!

The idea behind his channel, and videos, was to combine comedy with gaming. As a man who enjoys gaming and a good laugh, XZIT considered it an ideal duo, which worked out well for him. When he first started his channel, he didn’t expect it to be appreciated, yet today, kids recognise him everywhere. Our host asked XZIT about his fans and how weird he feels about it, to which he expressed how he never expected people to like him or his content, but today, he’s enjoying the fame and love he’s been getting from people. He enjoys the feeling of knowing that kids grow up watching his content, and when they’re grown up, they’ll be claiming how they grew up with his content. With 2 different channels, one catering to his global audience using the English language and the other where only Arabic content is created.

When asked about the competition in Saudi Arabia, XZIT expressed how there is competition, yet it all depends on people’s love and views. According to one of our host’s friends, the prize pool for League of Legends decided by Saudi Arabia was much higher than normal, which caused them to send a cease and desist. further explained how it’s not just League of Legends, but multiple tournaments like PubG and Fortnite, among a few, are present, where the prize offered by the kingdom is higher than the official prize.

Our guest and host, both from Saudi Arabia, expressed their love for the nation and the amazing progress it has made so far. Our host expressed his adulation and respect for the current Saudi government, explaining how MbS, Mohamed Bin Salman al Saud, the Crown Prince of the Kingdom, has really brought change and progress to the nation. He wishes that the countries in the Middle East would work similarly to the European Union in the future.

The host questioned gaming and his future in it. XZIT expressed how he wants to be the face of gaming and, in the future, people will associate his face and channel with gaming. Through his platform, he wants to help people, like new gamers or small gaming channels. Even though his mother or family don’t really understand what it is that he does, as it’s a difficult concept for the older generation to realise that one is earning from playing games and showcasing them, he enjoys his work, similar to our host, who used the idea of radio to explain podcasting to his family!

Our host claimed GTA Vice City as his favourite video game, with XZIT chiming in, and the two began comparing different games like Tekken, Dragon Ball Z, and Mortal Kombat. Obviously, it was Comicon, and this meeting was the meeting of nerds! Humour and wit permeated the conversation, which included Netflix, future short films and games.

Before you log into Freefire, make sure to take a look at XZIT’s episode with us at Unsolved Truths!

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