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Anti-money laundering and how it works!

Podcast episode 5: Raluca

Do you ever feel like there is a conspiracy going on? Well, anti-money laundering could be the key to solving it! This week we have the beautiful and amazing Raluca on our podcast, talking about how anti-money laundering works. She was able to move all the way from Romania to London as a student! And then traveled around Europe and finally got her a consultancy job in anti-money laundering. It's not just for accountants anymore; now everyone can help make sure that your money isn't being used by people who shouldn't have it. Listen in and find out more about anti-money laundering today!

Key items I learned

Money laundering as we often think of isn't something that only happens in the movies. Real anti-money laundering is done by accountants, and it isn't done to wash money from drug cartel. It's done from bad actors (foreign governments) who don't want their money to be tracked.

The art of anti-money laundering is a lot more complicated than you might expect, and their are three key stages: placement, layering and integration. that bad actors try to use to obfuscate their finances. (video below)

Placement, Layering and iIntegration

Watch the full podcast for the rest of the show!

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