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Airbnb for Pets; Louay Malas

Louay Malas is an architect, a dog lover, and a husband. The clichéd tale of a man who made his hobby into a profession, or, let's say, a trade. He founded and developed the Henlo app, a super software for pets that provides you with every service imaginable relevant to pets. He is the husband of Dina El Hifnawi, (the founder of Carousel Fitness) one of our previous guests. We heard everything, from his journey to be in Bahrain to the development of the software to deal with criticism and negotiations. The Henlo app offers a variety of services including dog walking, medical appointments, grooming appointments, and pet food. In addition to services for dogs, the app also offers services for other pets. Louay refers to the software as a "super app for pets" for this reason.

A man who treats his pet like a member of the family anticipates that others will feel the same way. He identifies with and wants to assist those who view pets as members of their family. He, therefore, thinks it's important to be as genuine as possible when offering his services. Only people who have passed extensive background checks are allowed to offer the services made available through the app. Ensuring that people's dogs are cared for by qualified individuals is the greatest approach to earning their trust, hence why he does the background checks and verifications himself. He is committed to offering his services and maintaining the highest level of integrity for the company. With 1700 pet owners and 250 carers worldwide, the app is gradually reaching the masses.

One of the reasons why Louay has his app based in Bahrain is because he considers the country to be a great testing field, to launch an app, test its issues and fix it accordingly. Louay anticipated that the app would mostly serve expats, but the opposite is the case. The majority of pet parents and caregivers are locals, which at first surprised both Louay and the host. Once the app works perfectly, he aims to start expanding and going global with it.

Louay got into an interesting argument with our host about the app's design. Since his sister and wife created the app's pink logo, the host had a lot of questions, even though Louay seemed unconcerned about it. To make the app appear pristine and professional, he thought a different colour scheme—such as black and white or another combination—would work better. However, Louay thought that the brand was what made the company and that no one would be able to forget it thanks to the colour hot pink. The host also brought up an odd similarity between the app's logo and the Facebook logo.

Our host had some fascinating observations to make when discussing the neighbourhood and how crucial it is to Louay. Though it is undoubtedly aspirational, he finds that there are other factors at play in addition to community building and working together to enhance society as a whole. He thinks that people in Bahrain develop businesses to build a community and a social life since doing so makes it easier to be social and have a social life. In his opinion, many businesses transform into community centres, social hubs, and places where people may meet new people instead of turning their enterprise into a profit centre.

It's easy to assume that Louay enjoyed talking with us because he spent longer than anticipated with the host. There is plenty to learn from Louay, from the origins of his hot pink logo, the struggles of working a job and managing a business, to the intriguing tales of developers from Germany and India.

Take a look at Louay's episode and say Henlo!

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