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A team of consultants banded together!

A team of consultants banded together! One’s a management consultant and our host, a former business consultant, came together and discussed topics ranging from food to the current economy and Gordon Ramsey’s amazing content but sub-par food. Al Hassan Ali came on for a chat, and along with our host had an intriguing exchange of ideas and opinions.

Al Hassan Ali, who launched his management consultancy in November 2019, recalls the opening due to the COVID-19 pandemic that swept the globe in just two months. His main area of expertise is in imports and exports and he is greatly invested in creating Bahraini products and exporting them. He’s also a consultant for multiple organizations, specifically coffee enterprises. In his understanding of Bahrain, the major production in the kingdom is food and he aims to change that. He believes that there are a lot more products to be exported such as aluminium, car parts, etc. To this, our host argued using an example of our previous guest, Sonya Janahi, who claimed that declaring her products to be made in Bahrain caused her more loss than anything else. Our host argued that people do not believe in a product if the product is said to be made in Bahrain.

While Ali’s beliefs and interests are highly commendable, our host believes that for Bahrain to succeed there are three main industries to focus on, i.e., real estate, the medical industry as well as education. He believes that combining effort and focusing on these three industries can help the nation compete with other Middle Eastern countries. He contemplated how Bahrain should focus on becoming the crown jewel of medical industries. Bahrain is a country loved by a lot of people, and opening its doors to retired professionals would boost real estate and the medical industry. Yet Ali seems to be focused entirely on the industrial aspect of trade.

Expressing his views on the locals and foreign professionals of Bahrain, he articulated how he found Bahraini locals to be lazy. Ali finds that there are multiple opportunities provided by the Bahrain government for the improvement of its locals such as Tamkeen and much more, yet very few people take up the opportunity to learn from it and believes that foreigners have more knowledge and expertise in their respective fields when compared to the locals. When talking about Tamkeen, our guest was aware of its workings and considered it to be a great program for Bahraini professionals. Yet it is limited to just one profession. For example, a person who’s an engineer can only study courses related to engineering to which the host expressed how multiple people have expressed their dismay and wished that Tamkeen would provide more flexibility in their courses, which he finds to be an excuse. He claimed that there are multiple other platforms to learn from, rather than just Tamkeen.

Speaking about the initial days of his journey, Ali first started working with his father in the family business and called it an interesting experience. At the time, when he was working, he didn’t appreciate the experience yet today, he is grateful for the experiences and knowledge he’s gained from the path that was chosen for him. While he may have lost his youth working, it’s safe to say that the knowledge he gained through it is priceless. Ali believes in taking the steps necessary for ensuring success, to which our host and he agreed that life is too short to do things that you don’t want to do, and instead of waiting for the right opportunity to do the things you want to do, go do it when you can.

So instead of doing something you don’t want to do, go watch Ali’s episode at Unsolved Truths to find out more!

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