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5 Chunks From a Chocolatier’s Life; Sonya’s Episode

Sonya Janahi is a boss!- serving as the chairperson of SJ Investments, a board member of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Society, and her chocolate company Maya. Her commitment to her endeavours and interests is impressive. She is a certified chocolatier with professional education and training in the art of creating chocolate. We were captivated by her transparency, honesty, and stunning smile, as well as by her entrepreneurial knowledge. Here are 5.

Chocolate can be healthy and yummy!

Sonya first got the idea to open a chocolatier from her brother. She found great appeal in the idea of developing a high-end chocolate brand that was at least as good as Swiss chocolates. Everyone enjoys chocolate, thus there is no age demographic for the market. Chocolates are the ideal gift to bring to loved ones as a token of your affection or to make your wife or children happy. Pregnant mothers who consume chocolate at a percentage of 75% or higher are said to have happier infants. It is supported by science. Sonya explains that anything with a cacao content of over 75% is healthy chocolate. It is supposed to be just as beneficial as taking aspirin daily. Your blood circulation is improved, and you become happy as a result.

It’s All About Networking

One of our previous guests, Jameel, suggested that Bahrainis leave their country, travel and gain experience and become globally exposed to succeed. After gaining that knowledge, they ought to return to Bahrain and start building it up.

Sonya disagreed when asked if she agreed with the above statement. She compared her journey with that of her daughter, stating that even though their paths were very different, the lessons they both learned remained the same. And the greatest approach to learning is to surround yourself with a large network and absorb various ideologies. Everything depends on how you, the person, network and think creatively. She believes that Bahrainis have a certain drive—the desire to learn, connect with others, be creative, and take risks. The primary lesson was that you don't need to leave your home country to succeed You can forge your route and become as skilled and great as someone with a foreign degree or expertise in a multicultural country right where you were born.

Create a Business with A Global Appetite

Today, Saudi Arabia is prospering. The number of Saudis who use Bahrain as a key source of purchasing power has significantly decreased. Making sure that there is a global appetite for anything you test and try when you start something is crucial so that you can replicate it elsewhere and then attract investors. Therefore, building a worldwide brand with a global presence is the best route to success when building a brand because failing to do so leaves you vulnerable to recession and other issues. Sonya is a visionary and creative person. Every week, a Saudi Arabian customer travels 6 hours to Maya to make a purchase. It's safe to conclude that Sonya understands what she's talking about if devoted consumers from different nations approach her and want her to come back and open a store in their respective countries.

Saudi compliments Bahrain(*if we played it right)

You don't just visit one European country when you go there; for instance, you can arrive in Italy before taking a train to Paris and continuing your journey from there. Travel in the Middle East may be made to be like that, which would increase tourism. For visitors to come and stay a night or two in Bahrain, the nation must have the necessary transport infrastructure in place as well as entertainment for them. Sonya thinks that Bahrain might become a major tourism destination if the country plays its cards well given Saudi Arabia's progress and how things are being upgraded. Visa-free travel between Middle Eastern countries has only recently been made possible. She thinks that by utilizing these regulations and working to enhance Bahrain in specific areas, the nation will truly prosper. She recounts how she never anticipated the day when her daughter would arrange a vacation to Saudi Arabia. She hopes that circumstances improve and that people eventually begin considering vacations to Bahrain while considering trips to Saudi Arabia.

Tourism brings in the dollars

Many people in Sonya's neighbourhood, both foreigners and native Bahrainis have a strong affection for Bahrain and do not want to leave. The country is peaceful as it is beautiful, filled with culture and art. However, Bahrain is now undergoing a medical evolution with the introduction of cutting-edge facilities and services, so perhaps it would be a good idea to try to globalize it and boost medical tourism there. She claimed that Bahraini education is excellent and that it would be wise to turn Bahrain into a centre for education. Parents would not be hesitant to send their children to study in Bahrain because it is one of the safest countries in the world.

Given that the current Minister of Tourism, Fatima Jaafar Al-Sairafi, is a young woman, Sonya has high expectations for her. She hopes that the Ministry of Tourism will look at the areas of tourism related to education and medical tourism. Adults and senior persons who want to retire and depart in peace also impact tourism. Bahrain is one of the most peaceful countries in the world.

Sonya is all about innovation and creativity. Though she has the expertise, she is continuously seeking new concepts and up-and-coming talent, making her clever and nimble in her endeavours. The discussion never stopped flowing with new ideas coming in every other minute. It’s safe to say that we enjoyed having Sonya on and she loves her chocolates.

Chocolate is love and Maya is the one to buy from. Watch out for Sonya's episode while having some chocolates yourself!

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